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ActX Genomic Decision Support

ActX Genomic Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support

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51-100 Practices are currently using this product across the following Specialties
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Multi Specialty
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Cardiology


Capabilities: Clinical Decision Support

ActX integrates genomic decision support seamlessly into athenaClinicals®. The service is designed for the busy clinician who wants to add actionable, evidence-based genomics to their practice. Every time a prescription is written in athenaClinicals®, ActX automatically checks the drug against the patient’s genetics, providing an alert for adverse effects, efficacy, and dosing.

ActX will alert physicians to actionable patient genomic risks, such as hereditary cancers and cardiovascular risks. The ActX service includes affordable patient DNA testing summarized in a genomic profile that is part of the patient’s chart.

  • Brings real-time Genomic Decision Support into daily practice
  • Automatically checks a patient’s prescribed medications for efficacy, dosing and adverse risks based on genetics
  • Helps to identify actionable genetic risks and the patient’s carrier status

ActX makes it easy for the physician to obtain the patients’ genomic information and then use the latest evidence based knowledge for decision support.

  1. The physician authorizes a patient for the ActX service within athenaClinicals®.
  2. Patients receive an email, then sign up and provide their consent online (a payment from the patient may be needed). A saliva collection kit is sent to their home. Patients provide 1cc of saliva, and use a self-mailer to send it to our CLIA-certified laboratory, where it is genotyped.
  3. You will receive inbox alerts of new patient data and new serious actionable risks. Each prescription written will be checked in background against the patient’s genetics for adverse reactions, efficacy, and dosing.
  4. A genomic profile for each patient will be available to you in athenaClinicals® which shows potential drug-genomic interactions, actionable risks, and carrier status.

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