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ACOG Prenatal Record powered by Dorsata

ACOG Prenatal Record powered by Dorsata

Specialized EHRs


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Dorsata brings a solution designed by Ob-Gyns and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to deliver an unparalleled experience enhancing care quality and productivity. The solution employs a simple and intuitive user-experience alongside a powerful rules engine that builds a precise plan-of-care for each patient.

Ob-Gyns have long been frustrated by EHRs built to accommodate a broad spectrum of clinical specialties — because they lacked the focus needed to address obstetrical care. The ACOG Prenatal Record was designed by Ob-Gyns, for Ob-Gyns.

Our seamless integration with athenaClinicals®:

  • Improves clinical quality and patient safety across every practice location: Never miss a test, patient case, lab or order essential to prenatal routine care or problem-specific care — no matter which provider is seeing the patient.
  • Eliminates unnecessary clicking and switching between windows: Review relevant episode history and reconcile all notes, orders, and patient data to and from athenaClinicals®.
  • Is optimized for prenatal care through intuitive, simple design: Transforms familiar ACOG Forms and Flowsheets into an interactive dashboard that intelligently surfaces insights from the patient’s previous visits (and non-OB history) and brings action items for the current visit into focus.
  • Surfaces timely, personalized decision support for encounter planning: ACOG’s latest care standards (e.g. Zika testing guidance) appear directly within the encounter and saves time spent linking to and opening external resources. Dorsata will configure your practice-specific protocols as well.

Specialized EHRs, Clinical Decision Support, Care Plan Management
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