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AccuVax Vaccine Management System

AccuVax Vaccine Management System

Inventory Management


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26-50 Practices are currently using this product across the following Specialties
  • Multi Specialty
  • FQHC
  • Pediatrics
  • Family Practice


Capabilities: Inventory Management

AccuVax is a fully-automated, pharmaceutical-grade vaccine management system that guarantees vaccine integrity, reduces medication errors, and delivers time-savings allowing a practice to focus on effective and safe immunizations for their patients. This all-in-one integrated solution includes a refrigerator, a freezer, digital data loggers (DDLs), alerting suite, battery backup, and on-going maintenance.

AccuVax provides any practice the ability to:

  • Safegaurd vaccine viability with ideal temperature control
  • Minimize vaccine loss
  • Free staff time for patient care and higher value work
  • View real-time inventory accurate to the dose level
  • Automate compliance and maximize patient safety

The AccuVax integration with athenahealth will automatically transfer vaccine orders to the AccuVax, ensuring correct vaccines are dispensed and eliminating common vaccination errors. This ensures the correct vaccine is administered to the correct patient.

The benefits of AccuVax provide a multitude of clinical and financial advantages to any practice managing their vaccines. See how we automate the CDC Storage & Handling Toolkit to make your practice efficient and effective in vaccine storage, delivery and care.

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