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Remote Patient Monitoring

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Accuhealth provides clinics with a simple and easy platform and service to satisfy Medicare CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457 as well as many other state Medicaid programs for remote patient monitoring. Accuhealth has over 50 years of operational experience. Having created the first Healthcare Operations Center for remote patient monitoring, our solution improves primary and specialty physician care within the clinical setting and the home. With access to real-time vital information, physicians improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce costs. Accuhealth made telemonitoring simple and easy for providers and their patients. With integrated telemedicine, physicians are one click away from providing billable virtual visits equal to a traditional in-person clinic visit, at no additional cost.

How it works.

Patient Readings

Patient utilizes a one or several medical devices (i.e. Glucometer, Blood Pressure, Weight, SP02, etc.) to transmit physiological readings to our platform on a daily basis, which in turn are sent to their medical record on athenahealth.

Accuhealth Provides Care

Our Managed Service maximizes patient adherence and provides clinical oversight to triage real-time biometric data for analysis and correlation. We act as an extension of your clinic to service your telehealth needs.

Actionable Data

Alerts and Reports are sent to physicians and caregivers for critical and at-risk patient readings via their preferred medium (email/text message). Ultimately keeping patients out of the emergency room and reducing preventable/unplanned health events, and allowing for physicians to consult more frequently, therefore, generating more revenue and better patient outcomes.

Realize More Revenue

CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457 can yield up to $115/per patient /per month. Accuhealth removes the guesswork out of telemonitoring: We provide the following services:

  • Send device to the patient and provide education on the use of device and program guidelines
  • Maintain Device functionality
  • Ensure Patient has consumables (if required)
  • Ensure availability of platform
  • Maximize patient adherence
  • Account for up to 100% of the required 20 minutes, using our 24/7/365 clinical operations center.
  • Place Vitals and reports in patients Athenahealth Medical Record.


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