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ACCORD by Avident Health ™

ACCORD by Avident Health ™

Care Coordination

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Have you ever wondered how doctors communicate with one another? With all of our technological advancements the medical community still needs a better way for doctors to communicate and collaborate with fellow health care professionals and their patients. Avident Health™ is working to change that. Check out our short video on the athenahealth Marketplace or at our website www.avidenthealth.com for more details.

ACCORD by Avident Health provides a mobile application to improve and foster collaboration among healthcare professionals and patients.

The Current Situation: Unstructured inbound and outbound communication

As healthcare professionals we are all very busy, and inundated with emails, text messages, calendar alerts, ...So much so that we ignore them, swipe them away on our phones to discard, or read them much later. We even occasionally lose them in the pile-up of messages that we go through at the end of the day. Additionally we are challenged with “How do I get relevant, important messages to colleagues or patients and ensure they’re read? How do I engage the recipients enough that they’ll digest the information, take action, and respond if they have questions? And how can I measure the impacts and outcomes?”

The Solution: ACCORD by Avident Health

ACCORD is a dedicated proprietary mobile application with your branding, that you own and manage, to enhance and foster real time collaboration.

Here are just a few of the ways in which our customers can use ACCORD:

Team Collaboration/Leadership Tool for work groups, project teams, patient-centered teams, departments, and especially for those with diverse physical locations or “virtual locations.”

Innovation Management supporting introduction of new products, services, technology, or behaviors.

Critical Alert System for security, infection control, risk management, first responders, pharmacists, dispensaries, software users, HCPs and patients.

Survey Tool for Human Resources to Staff; for Marketing/Public Relations to Patients; for Vendors/Suppliers to users; for Anybody to Anybody when quantitative feedback is needed.


Mobile Application (iOS & Android) Simple Dedicated Application Short Targeted Information Bi-Directional Feedback Text & Voice Messages Engagement Analytics Stand Alone or Integrated into 3rd Party Applications HIPAA-compliant when needed


  • Users typically have their mobile devices with them, so there’s quicker response and higher user engagement 

  • Easy, quick to use, dedicated & searchable resource
  • Quick dashboard tool for building and targeting messages
  • Curated info to target users providing measurable results
  • Quickly gather user feedback & survey question responses

Additionally the Administration Module allows organizational administrators to:

  • Manage users and administrators
  • Compose draft messages prior to sending, and send messages to specific audiences based on filtered criteria such as role, title, location and more
  • Obtain high-level message insight and interaction. How many users the message was sent to, how many have read, how many interactions and user response count
  • The Audience dashboard shows quantifiable analytics for each user, their level of engagement, and their responses.

Say hello to your new teammate, ACCORD by Avident Health. Join us today and experience coordinated care!

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Care Coordination, Chronic Care Management, Clinical Decision Support
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