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IPH Clinical Advisor

IPH Clinical Advisor

Clinical Decision Support

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Capabilities: Clinical Decision Support, Specialty-Centric EHRs

IPH has created a unique and powerful network of clinics, creating a comprehensive and growing database of thousands of disease attributes. With a focus on objective multi-dimensional quantitative digital testing combined with patient perspective captured by patient reported outcomes, IPH addresses the unmet needs of clinicians by using large amounts of pooled, anonymized patient data to improve recognition and awareness of critical disease impact or change to proactively enhance decision-making.

To collect such data, IPH has collaborated with several digital testing companies to facilitate both the implementation of and training on these devices in participating clinics. By linking multiple clinics together, IPH exponentially increases the amount of information it has about the trajectory of disease, treatment protocols, and efficacy. Incorporating such information for analysis enhances decision-making and outcomes to increase the likelihood of positive patient response.

IPH’s clinical advisor utilizes the information gathered from various digital instruments to help clinicians’ profitably drive better patient outcomes using digital medical data and machine learning. Data is collected from digital tests, including Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), gait analysis, cognitive and vision exams, MRI images, etc. Collecting and interpreting data from these different systems and across multiple domains provides clinicians with a more holistic and broad view of their patients’ health. The application calculates potential changes in a patient’s disability, employability, fatigue, and depression, etc. Its software combines this data in conjunction with predictive machine learning algorithms to recommend the Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT), intervention, treatment or drug that is most likely to mitigate progress of disease and avoid adverse outcomes.

All the information that the clinical advisor collects, combined with its predictive model, serves to assist clinicians with optimally exploring and addressing their patients’ existing symptoms and taking a more proactive approach in curbing disease progression — all while the patient is in the office.

The clinical advisor pushes important data and updates directly into a clinic’s individual electronic health record (EHR), in real time. A single summary report containing all pertinent updates on each of the digital tests is compiled and pushed directly into the patient’s chart. As all important information is provided directly to the clinician via this data exchange, the need to search for results, interpretations and calculating significance for each individual digital test is eliminated and the workload of the clinician is eased.

The clinical advisor also creates research opportunities. By having access to this information provided in the clinical advisor, clinicians can partner with pharmaceutical companies on studies to evaluate treatment efficacy, validate new therapeutic products and even participate in the drug discovery and development process.

IPH’s goal is to expand its network by integrating with clinics specializing in a variety of disease types, thereby increasing the amount of data available for analysis and further refining its predictive AI model.